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Industry News Introduces New Outdoor Recliners And Chairs For Summer 2015

USA:, the U.S. online store for the well-known European brand, introduced its Summer 2015 selection of new recliners, chairs, and outdoor furniture featuring Air Comfort(R) technology and Batyline(R) fabric. They will be made available in the U.S. through online retailer, a BrandShop store.

Introducing an innovative backpack with a metal frame in the 1930s, Lafuma changed camping with a line of furniture featuring this characteristic. By the 1960s, its first multi-position recliner appeared. Recliners and chairs now incorporate Air Comfort(R) technology, developed in 2011 after extensive laboratory research. Cushions with this feature offer a triple-layer design made out of breathable and permeable materials that remain dry, do not retain water, and allow for air circulation.

As well, Batyline(R) fabric is integral to many Lafuma chairs. This UV-resistant, antifungal material with an open weave was specifically designed for poolside use, as it does not retain water, resists tears, and retains its shape.

The new Futura Air Comfort recliners, available in standard and XL versions, feature both of these components. Inspired by Lafuma’s classic backpacks, Futura Air Comfort models let the user find the most comfortable position and keep it there with built-in resistance levers.

Also including Batyline(R) fabric and an Air Comfort(R) seat, the Evolution Air Comfort Zero Gravity model reclines to the point of complete equilibrium, which in turn reduces the strain of gravity on the spine and lessens back pain.

Ergonomic features characterize the rest of Lafuma’s Summer 2015 products. The RSX Clip Zero Gravity Recliner, ideal for relaxing by the pool, includes clips that spread the body’s weight for improved back support. Similarly, the Cham Elips XL Mesh Aluminum Folding chair is designed with a high back for lumbar support and a five-position backrest adjustment.

Specifically for dining outdoors, new Anytime furniture is lightweight and easily transportable. Chairs keep the user comfortable with a stable, durable, and economical design, while tables, equipped with a patented system, fold out to one position and offer more space underneath.

Rounding out the new offerings, the Next Folding Footrest/Stool combination is a versatile item for use alone or with the Transabed XL Plus. A powdercoated Galvanized High-Tension Steel frame folds out to one position, either for the user to sit or rest his or her feet while reclining.