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Italian Furnishings Seek Expansion In The Gulf

Dubai, UAE: Roughly 40 Italian home and office furniture companies have landed in the United Arab Emirates with plans to expand in the Gulf, the Italian Chamber of Commerce announced Monday on the occasion of Italian Home & Furniture, an event the chamber organized in the UAE.

Reported by ANSA -English Media Service, the six-month project was one of the central nodes in bilateral meetings that took place in Dubai with not only entrepreneurs from the UAE, but also businessmen from the entire region of the Gulf Cooperation Council: Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman as well as the UAE.

“The Italian businesses are able to give the interior design sector of the Cooperation Council added value: loyalty to the quality of Made-in-Italy production at competitive prices,” Chamber of Commerce Secretary General Mauro Marzocchi told ANSA.

The businesses that have joined the project - all of which are already present in other countries - cover the entire gamut of interior design, from furniture to upholstery, glass decoration and finishings, flooring and premium staircases.

The stylistic offerings respond to two souls that characterize living spaces in the Gulf countries: sumptuously Arabic on the one hand - rich in detail and accessories - and, on the other, a Western, linear, functional fusion of minimalist, classic and modern styles.

With exports worth 200 million euros, Italy is the EAU’s second largest trading partner. However, the volume of business throughout the entire Gulf region has a strong turnover of more than six billion euros and is growing.