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Calligaris Opens New Showroom In Philippines

Philippines: Calligaris, an Italian furniture manufacturer, has opened a new showroom in the Philippines reported BusinessWorld. According to Alessandro Calligaris, President of the company founded in 1923 in Italy his grandfather, Antonio Calligaris, “Furniture is like... fashion. It’s not fashion, but it’s like fashion - [it] changes with the trends. The company, at this moment, needs to follow the trends, and the trend is the trends in the world. When my grandfather started to produce, [he] produced only for the national market. In this moment, we are following the world.”

From 2007 to 2014, the luxury conglomerate LVMH owned 40% of the company, with the Calligaris family controlling 60%. In the middle of last year, they bought out the conglomerate, restoring complete ownership to the family.

The company arrived on Philippine shores about nine years ago, through Gruppo Mobili Philippines, Inc., which also distributes Furnitalia in the country.

On March 12, the company opened a new showroom in the Clipp Center in Bonifacio GLobal City, closing its former showroom in San Juan. “Our strategy in this market {Asia}... is to have stores in all countries and especially in the main city in the country,” said Mr. Calligaris said about his company’s presence in the region. “The Philippines represents in this market a country that is growing in economy and is building new homes. I [saw] yesterday a lot of big investments in the buildings, and I think we have opportunities to put... our products [inside them].”

The products are all made in Italy, while a percentage of the raw materials come from other European countries such as Croatia, where the company sources its wood. “In Italy, we don’t have wood,” noted Mr. Calligaris.

The products in the store display a playful but bare modernity. For example, there are the Pom Pom lighting fixtures, which appear to be lightbulbs sprouting out of trees and candelabras on a concrete base. Another is the Tweet Coffee Table, a modular piece with two overlapping tops, one in a golden hue and one in wood.

Said Giorgio Tomasino, Sales Manager of Calligaris in the Far East, “The Italian people love... the home. The food, the fashion... it’s in the blood.” Added Mr. Calligaris, “I think that in Italy, we have a long history in art... like in painting, sculpture... and the furniture, [it’s] the same.”

The Calligaris showroom is located at the Mezzanine floor of the Clipp Center on 11th Ave. cor. 39th St. in Bonifacio Global City.