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Space Saving Futuristic Robotic Furniture Ori

USA: Ori Systems created a movable furniture that would save-space by shape-shifting, with foldable units. According to the technology firm, this furniture would be able to create a living room, bedroom, wardrobe and office from one flexible unit.

Or Systems call their creation a “full system”, “a single, robotic unit that can be moved around a space, offering different room settings and usage options as it does.”

The system is controlled by a single button, where it could shift around the room, hiding or revealing a bed, office space, a wardrobe, or even shelf-space.

Ori revealed that the inspiration for this system comes from origami, which is also where the name comes from. This system used technology from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and its Media Lab’s CityHome project, which explores new ways to solve globalization challenges and the progressively smaller spaces in cities all over the world.

According to BT, Ori is also controllable through an app that allows remote configuration that allows the preparation of the room before reaching home.