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Furniture Export Decline Cuts Jobs In Jepara

SEMARANG, INDONESIA: reported that decreased furniture export in Jepara, Central Java has led to workers losing their jobs according to Andang W.Triyanto, Jepara furniture business owner. “Bare core factories had to lay off their workers due to declining demands, particularly from Taiwan and China,” said Andang, who also holds a membership of the Indonesian Rattan Furniture and Craft Association (AMKRI). Jepara’s bare core wood industry used to cover districts such as Tahunan, Bangsri, Mlonggo, Batealit, and Kalinyamatan. 1,500 workers were absorbed into the bare core industry in Jepara. Dang revealed that about 400 workers were laid off and five companies were forced to close down because of wavering demands.

Presently, Indonesia supplies around 6,000 containers of bare core per month, while China and Taiwan supplies around 3,000 and 4,000 containers per month. The cubic meter price of bare core is below US$245 these days, down from the regular price of US$285 and US$300 per cubic meter.

According to Yoso Suwarno, head of Jepara Industry and Trade Agency, the comprehensive number of workers who are laid off because of declining bare core export is still being collected. Yoko also said that they are seeking other opportunities like product diversification, and that Jepara administration will assist to open new bare core markets in other countries.