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Indonesia International Furniture Expo (IFEX)
JIExpo, Jakarta, Indonesia
March 11-14, 2014

New Fair In Indonesia

A brand new show, the Indonesia International Furniture Expo (IFEX) will be held for the first time during 11-14 March 2014, in Jakarta, Indonesia. Jointly organized by UBM Asia, the show seeks to push innovation and creativity and promote craft furniture manufacturers that can produce superior products with optimal added value to become a market leader in the global arena. In addition, at the international level, IFEX aims to build a strong and positive image to project Indonesia as a country that produces the best furniture and handicraft products in the world.

IFEX (Indonesia International Furniture Expo) will bring together exhibitors and buyers from Indonesia and around the world, featuring high quality products and unique designs that reflect the natural beauty of Indonesia and skilled craftsmen.

The event will take place in two of the most modern and the largest venues exhibition in Jakarta. At JIExpo venue will be an exhibition of furniture and handicraft. Scheduled for 11-14 March 2014, this showcase will present to visitors a wide selection of wooden, rattan and bamboo furniture for the living room, dining room, bedroom family room as well as furniture for kids. Over at the Jakarta Convention Center (JCC) will be a presentation of Woodworking Machinery and Supplies, as well as home interior on 12-15 March 2014. Tansportation will be provided for all participants and visitors IFEX to shuttle between the two venues.

“We are very pleased to introduce IFEX to the international furniture market. With decades of experience in successfully organizing international furniture exhibition, we are ready to organize a larger event that will become a one-stop-solution for buyers that seek a wide range of innovative designs. Starting from importers for hotel, department store representatives, interior designers, and anyone involved in the furniture sector, they will find something they need in IFEX 2014.” said Chris Eve, Senior Vice President of UBM Asia.

UBM Asia is the biggest commercial exhibition organiser in China, India and Malaysia. With its headquarters located in Hong Kong and subsidiary companies across Asia and the United States, UBM Asia has been operating in 25 major cities. International furniture expo that are organized by UBM includes events such as Furniture China, INDEX India, Interiors UK Birmingham and Malaysia International Furniture Fair (MIFF). IFEX is being organized in collaboration with AMKRI (Indonesia Furniture Association) and have the full support of the Ministry of Trade, Ministry of Industry, State Ministry of Cooperative, Small and Medium Enterprises, and other relevant government agencies.

IFEX is taking place when export value of the Indonesia furniture sector is growing. Indonesia has more than 6000 small and medium-sized furniture companies, a fast-growing domestic market and the rise of diversity, especially in the middle class. Moreover, domestic sales of furniture and household items is estimated at more than US$ 700 million per year, while furniture exports reached U.S. $ 2.2 billion in 2011.

The efforts of various parties to reorganize and improve the conditions in the furniture industry and handicraft sector are necessary in order to build national optimal growth in this sector, according to the show organisers. “We believe if the industrial sector obtains attention from all parties, especially from the government as the most competent regulators, this industry will grow healthy and significantly absorb huge amounts of human resources in addition as a producer of reliable foreign exchange. We are optimist that in the next 5 years the value of this export industry could be a barometer particularly in the ASEAN region” said Ir. Soenoto, Chairman of Indonesia Furniture Association (AMKRI).