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Special Report  

Choice and diversity on the 2016 ASEAN Furniture Show Circuit

The Malaysian International Furniture Fair (MIFF) at the start in Kuala Lumpur provides mainly utilitarian, mass produced furniture of reasonable quality at affordable prices. Much of it is based on rubberwood. At the end of the show circuit Indonesia presents a huge array of craft furniture, much of it in Teak.


Nice Home Upstream, Buffet Downstream

During the recent International Famous Furniture Fair (Dongguan), I finally realized that the existing “manufacturer – dealer” model that is so common in China is coming to an end. Dealers are now going through a phase of reduction, not growing in numbers.

Market Update

Malaysia Update

Malaysia ranks third largest exporter of furniture in Asia and top 10 globally. Leveraging on its reputation as a cost competitive and reliable supplier, the country’s export figures have been trending upwards. Good growth numbers were experienced during the last two years. In the last decade, the industry has been urged to move up the value chain by focusing on design


Total Interior Solutions - Indonesia Vivere Group

Spanning 13,000 islands, Indonesia is an expansive country which lays claim to the world’s fourth largest population with an estimated 258 million people.

Business Issue  

Critical Thinking: Primary Management Practices Is Everything

Tn 2003, Nitin Nohria, the current dean of Harvard Business School, identified the “Must Have’s” management practices based on a five-year study of winning firms that truly produced business results. Nevertheless, these primary management practices needed to be reinforced by four secondary management practices for perpetual business excellence.

Furniture Insights   

US Furniture Insights

The results of our survey of residential furniture manufacturers and distributors seemed to be in line with many of our recent conversations, that being that business seems to have softened in the last few months. New orders were up 2 percent in January compared to January 2015. Only 32 percent of our participants reported increased orders in January, down from about 50 percent last month.