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Commune – Elevating The Customer Experience

Commune, a home-grown Singapore design and lifestyle company, is fast expanding beyond the island state into the promising overseas markets of Malaysia, China and Australia

Special Report

March 2017 SE Asia Furniture Shows – Review

The wood furniture industries of Asia account for 55% of global production and are highly significant to the Asian economies in terms of employment, trade, foreign currency earnings and related industries, such as wood machinery manufacturing and transport.


Kelvin Giormani - Going Beyond The Ordinary

Designer-entrepreneur Kelvin Ng doesn’t have to look very far to receive inspiration for his next sofa design. “Nature and objects from everyday surroundings,” he says, get the creative juices flowing.


Asia 2017, The Triumph of Design

There is something up and going in Asia this year, and it is the attention to design. Every Fair of the Asian Circuit in March, from the most conservative to the most mature, has clearly showed that the impact of design is the next big thing in the area...


Due Diligence And Certification For Furniture Exporters

There are many interpretations of Due Diligence (DD). In its purest form in law DD simply means a comprehensive appraisal of a business undertaken by a prospective buyer, especially to establish its assets and liabilities and evaluate its commercial potential.

Business Issue

Creating Value Versus Adding Value

The significant difference between creating value in comparison to adding value is still much misconstrued by employees at different echelon of management.